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ING switched to EuroPort LINUX

Jos Klompe, ING’s IT lead for investment and private banking: ‘Proud on this joint team accomplishment of Able and ING'

EuroPort LINUX is ready,  it is available, it is in production. And guess what? It’s performing too!  ING switched their EuroPort+ suite from AIX to Linux and to its new data centre. EuroPort’s webservices and database were already based on Linux, but now the full backend part of the software became Linux-based too. In the days after installation EuroPort Linux went smoothly through a heavy process of rebalancing ING’s many investment portfolio’s.

For the first time a new EuroPort+ release was installed by Able’s automatic deployment tool, ‘Deployable’.  Both EuroPort LINUX and Deployable are two important deliverables of ING’s commitment to Able’s roadmap. ING and Able are now focussing on new items on their common Fintech wish list.