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EuroPort Seven Set For Launch

Team lead Jeroen de Graaf (right corner) is presenting Project Decomposition. Able’s technology chief Frank Schooneveldt (left corner) proudly observes.

October 9, 2015 turned out to be an important day in Able’s history. Team 7 was called upon to demonstrate a significantly restructured EuroPort+ technical architecture. For the past few months the team had been working on clustering EuroPort’s components and programs in a more logical way. Today, their assignment was to present the results of what was called ‘Project ‘Decomposition’.

In 2015 Able decided to create an agile A-team for the most important project of the year, and the first and most ambitious project in Able’s two-year technical roadmap. Decompositions represent major surgery on the software; for us, it was also a necessary step for Able’s restructuring as a truly agile organization. Not an easy assignment, but essential to EuroPort’s sustainable future.

The October 9 demo was all good news. The magical tools that the team developed had proven successful on the 6.6 release of EuroPort. Decomposition worked. There were no major complications and the project is now ahead of schedule. A-Team members confidently showed their results and the evidence of their success. Often they were interrupted by the spontaneous applause of their colleagues.

Project Decomposition isn’t over quite yet. A few more weeks of work remain, but all signs are ‘go’. After resolving five identified issues, Able will rebuild version 6.7 as a restructured, modular EuroPort+ 7.0 To stress the significance of the progress we’ve made, the new release will be called EuroPort Seven.