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Able will be showing its Face.

Jeroen Agile Driessen in front of a Monday morning camera.

Able does not want te be an anonymous anymore. The financial industry knows about our software. EuroPort+ is renown for everything an innovative banker wants and more. Sure, but what does the market know about Able’s people? Probably not much! Our website tells we are ‘modest, self reflecting and devoted’. But are we really just that?
To fill in the gap, we decided to upgrade our website. With information about the people behind our scene. Including their daily annoyances and concerns. About our commitment and passion. ‘Be good and tell it … and for one time: show your face’. Tijs Nederlof was asked to manage this pr-project. He arranged a photo and video shoot at the ‘still dusty’ Able premises. Tijs: ‘The early results of the shoots make me happy’. Curious to see the final results in a month, eh..two sprints …or so.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-29 om 22.12.47

Tijs Nederlof, happy with previews