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Blockchain Conference: ‘Let’s Uberize the World’


Yesterday I attended the conference Blockchain for Enterprises, Governments and Institutions. There was a refreshing and exciting atmosphere among the 150 participants. Everyone seemed to share the vision that at this moment blockchain technology finds itself in exactly the same stage as ‘internet technology’ was in 1992. With at least the same potential to ‘Uberize’ the world. There were sessions about technology platforms, about security, privacy,

Building the programmable bank


We live in exciting times. That becomes very clear if you would visit us and listen to our water cooler and hallway talks. There is so much happening in the world of banking, software is truly eating traditional banking. Last week I discussed with Able’s head of tech & innovation the potential of ‘fintech’ startups like […]

Successful customer day


This afternoon Able 2.0 presented itself to its clients. All seven new scrum teams introduced themselves and allowed a peek into their kitchen. With great enthusiasm …

Able supports Kika


Able has focus on the rapid realization of an ambitious roadmap. The Kika foundation has a clear focus too: it wants to facilitate research in childhood cancer and to boost the chance of cure to 95%. Therefore this year Able decided to …



Last Friday I had a cup of coffee with one of the leading Dutch banking software consultants. During our conversation he reflected on the most important criteria for selecting banking software solutions. He said: “Banking software should …