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The ABLE Team


    “If it does not breathe, you can code it,” says Magic developer Gunnar, who thrives on coding. More than 15 years of experience gives him the perfect basis for delivering high quality software. He’s held long term onsite assignments for ING Bank’s wholesale banking system. While not an accountant by profession he specializes in ledgers. In his spare time he loves cycling, good food and the company of his two lovely daughters.


    Tolga joined Able in 2010 as a Magic developer after receiving his bachelor’s of ICT studies. During 2011 he switched from development to the support department where he came in direct contact with Able’s clients. Analyzing and solving issues on live EuroPort+ environments keeps him motivated. In 2013 he became teamleader of Support. Client focus and pragmatism are keywords that apply to Tolga.


    Alex is the founder of several successful companies in front office technology and consulting. He joined Able in 2006 and then used up 2014 scuba diving and on sabbatical before re-joining the company in 2015. Alex has deep international experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a talent for keeping focused. Except when playing hockey.


    Martijn, a master’s student in Sociology, has been lured into an IT job he cannot escape from. He plans to quit studying politics in due time and spend his entire life testing software, having fun with his colleagues, and judging Scottish single malt whiskies. Besides being a part-time entrepreneur and chief-editor for “Young Critics,” he keeps a steady eye in reaching his goals.


    Niek has over 20 years of experience as a Magic developer, inside and outside Able. He mainly develops in Java but is always eager to embrace the latest tools and techniques. When he is not at work you can often find Niek on his bike racing down the local roads.


    For 25 years Jos worked as Manager of Operations at a private bank. Now, at Able, he sits at the other side of the table, having transitioned from user to supplier. A team player with a focus on the human factor, Jos loves a good wine, Scottish single malt whisky, traveling and playing guitar. Not necessarily in that order.


    After his Business Admin & Economics study Sjaco entered the world of securities finding a job at a small Dutch private bank. Eventually he managed the bank’s operations department. Before he made a step towards consultancy at Able he worked for four years as a financial professional on interim assignments. Loves mountain biking, snowboarding and a good coffee, especially from Colombian beans. Maybe it has to do with being married to a Colombian lady.


    Dirk is a dedicated software engineer at Able with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. He is an analytical and logical thinker and supporter of efficient, elegant and clear solutions. Dirk looks like a rugby player but does not act like one. He’s a kind and understanding colleague who is always willing to offer a helping hand.


    Bart is a veteran Able hand, now serving as a Senior Software Engineer with expertise in Magic programming. He also has experience in Interest, JMS Interface and BGS software for EuroPort+. His motto is: “Assumption is the mother of all (BEEP) f#@%ups!”.


    A former database administrator and support representative, Jeroen demands a high standard in quality and service. Always looking for ways to improve and find structural solutions for issues. He is a driven and ambitious person who not only puts a lot of energy into his work but also into his poker, his golf, his soccer and his family.


    It’s a small step from a study plant breeding to software development, Jeroen thought. And he did it. Jeroen has been with Able for 18 years; today he is a senior software engineer, a role he enjoys very much. In his spare time he likes cycling, aeroplane photography and taking a walk with the dog.


    Security Manager


    As our Master of Spreadsheets, Johan is all about the numbers, and has them available before you even realize you need them. His quick speaking reflects his quick thinking. Johan knows exactly what’s going on in the company behind the figures, and is the only one who doesn’t mind when a project gets financially complicated. He’ll figure it out.


    Joost started at Able as a junior software engineer. As he moved from Senior Developer to Technical Designer and Architect, he saw the need for changes in the architecture and especially in the way Able works and thinks. His fellow architects who work with Java and C++ inspire him with all kinds of idea’s like decoupling and messaging which could be used in Magic.


    Ewout leads us through uncharted territories, discovering innovative solutions for special implementations, unusual sales and crucial projects. Ewout himself is special, too. He has insight into all the technical and functional details and is able to quickly understand and make determinations on Big Picture issues. That’s why clients like him so much…despite the fact that he supports Feyenoord.


    Raf has held several jobs within Able during the last 18 years. He is IT-educated with experience in the financial industry, software development and project management. Presently he is technical architect with a focus on quality. He is an absolute team player, which is also reflected in his hobbies; ballroom dancing and playing volleyball.


    Tim is the ultimate account manager; always ready to assist, eager to learn and doing so with a healthy sense of responsibility. With his reasonable, no-nonsense approach he assertively represents our customers. Just don’t let him fool you with his jokingly crabby attitude; Tim is a star at voicing characters.


    Elly is always available to Able’s wealth management experts seeking existential conversations around the Meaning of Work. She has broad-minded ideas about the company’s culture, how to build on the good stuff, and when to make needed adjustments. She is sensitive to, and deals patiently with, all kind of human signals from our beauties and our nerds until, at the end of the day, she speeds away from the office in her black Benz convertible.


    A long-time software developer, Sacha is a consultant to Able where she started 17 years ago. She holds a master’s in Dutch Linguistics and Literature (the latter counts for her eloquence). Sacha specializes in performance reporting and SEPA payments. Next to being a mother of two daughters, she loves running and reading.


    Since 2012 Jan has been responsible for the coordination and (technical) management of the DTAP and software deliveries. He is a member of Team Cross Cutting Concerns, the Workers Council, and the Activities Committee. His core capabilities are in problem solving, quality, commitment, and analytic and learning abilities. He is always ON.


    Behind every management team stands a good personal assistant/office manager. That is the role that Martine fulfills at Able. It’s not an easy job but she manages (them) very well. Practicing yoga as a hobby, she brings with her the Zen-factor, although she thrives on a bit of excitement. In short, as a mother, she knows how to run a family.


    For almost 10 years Chantal has brought great fun and enthusiasm to her work in the Financial Department. In her free time she likes horseback riding, cooking and fitness. Two days a week she works at reception and is the first person you see when you enter the building. See you at Able !


    Harry has worked at Able since 1987 and is Senior member Supportdesk. He is at your service to help with workarounds and solving incidents. He enjoys nature walks and spotting birds…the ones that fly. 🙂


    Erik has worked at Able for more than 10 years. He thinks of Able as an innovative company where ‘open communication’ is a high priority. In his spare time he coaches his daughter and her fanatical team in volleyball competitions; drives a motorbike; and loves participating in winter sports.


    Lieke is responsible for all the functional logic in our software. And that’s a lot! One of the leading Dutch experts in wealth management processes, Lieke generously shares her knowledge and insight with Able’s younger consultants. A dedicated social networker and also one of the most ‘blue’ members of Able’s management team, she’s meticulous about research, drilling down to gain a full grasp of the details before ever making a decision.


    After his College ICT training, entrepreneur Remco put his energy into establishing an international web shop, and a computer and repair shop. He then entered the internal traineeship at Able and has been working here as a software developer ever since. A soccer fan, Remco likes cycling and as a true southerner he celebrates “Carnaval” every year.

  • CUA VU

    Cua has worked at Able as a EuroPort+ Magic developer since 1989. During this time he has dealt with various aspect in the stock administration business, settlement, payment as well as savings. Currently he is a Magic developer in the PPA (Party, Product, Account Onboarding) team.


    Mohamed is your ‘go to’ guy for issue analysis and patch planning. He will get things done and deliver patches on time. He never fails to find a solution and his perseverance inspires other to step up their game. Mohamed in short: “Firm, Firm but Fair”.


    Former Cobol developer Jacco worked for 20 years at one of the leading Dutch banks as functional application manager. He started at Able In 2010 as a consultant and now specializes in corporate actions. In his free time he likes cycling and walking…often towards the stadium as he is a great supporter of Feyenoord.


    As former software teamleader, he acted as intermediary between consultants, project managers and developers, focused on the proper and timely development of EuroPort+. The role of “spider in the web” or, better, “gatekeeper” fits him like a glove. Now as Scrummaster he can make good use of these qualities. He loves a good laugh and playing darts. Another interest of his are Koi carps. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle… he admits it.


    It’s a small step from a study plant breeding to software development, Hans thought. And he did it. Hans has been with Able for 18 years; today he is a software developer, a role he enjoys very much. In his spare time he likes cycling, attending the yearly Lowlands Festival and traveling to far-flung exotic locations in either Asia or South America.


    Frank joined Able many years ago as a young technology professional. Later in his career he co-founded Mylette, a Dutch capital markets consulting agency, and was responsible for a great many software improvement projects. Frank looks like a benign and friendly dolphin, but his intellect is swordfish sharp.


    Ecoo has studied Molecular Sciences. He came to Syntel when the Euro was first introduced and never left. When he is not working, he participates in triathlons and trailrunning. He enjoys Russian literature of the 19th century.


    Marco, Senior member Supportdesk, is a generalist with a broad knowledge of EuroPort+. Always available for sparring solutions to incidents with customers. During his time off he tries hard to be a supporter of, and keep up with new developments at, NAC Breda.


    Michelle combines beauty and brains and does magic with numbers. She has worked at Able for seven years in the Financial Department. In her free time she plays tennis and does fitness. She loves good food, hanging out with friends, and has started growing an avocado tree at the office.


    Ben has held many different positions at Able over the years. He is our imperturbable diesel engine, chugging along no matter what obstacles appear in his path or what distractions might pull a lesser man’s focus. Ben is also an avid sports fan and a loyal supporter of Ajax.


    Jan-Peter has been with Able since 2012 and is currently team lead of IT Infrastructure. An experienced system manager who has always worked in the IT industry. Jan-Peter is a team player, optimistic and results-oriented. He never stops until a goal is reached. He likes to explore new ideas and techniques, and spends his free time traveling and scuba-diving, sometimes combined. He wouldn’t call himself a connoisseur of wines, but he appreciates a good glass.


    Schooling in business administration and economics brought Marcel to the finance industry. He worked for seven years at one of the leading Dutch banks in mutual funds trading then moved to consultancy, landing at Able six years ago. He’s a dedicated runner training for a marathon, and a supporter of VV Kockengen.


    After obtaining her master’s degree in Applied Mathematics in 2010, Elvira started the internal traineeship program at Able, where she learned to program in its main coding language, Magic. She is currently a Software Development Engineer working with Magic XPA. She takes pride in her work.