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Wealth management is hard. Managing the business of wealth management shouldn’t be. Able, a specialist in wealth management software, is a trusted fintech partner of retail banks, private banks and bank-insurance companies across the Netherlands, empowering wealth managers to focus on bringing optimum value to their clients.

Facts & figures

Successful implementation

Implementing wealth management software can be complicated. Some European banks still have nightmares from bad implementations. At Able, our dedicated team of experts oversees every implementation, which accounts for our 100% success rate. After all, it’s our software, and our reputation.


Able has six major clients. There are, however, 12 different banks using EuroPort+ (some through a BPO partner) of which some use EuroPort+ in multiple countries. By mid-2016 Able will be ready to onboard new clients.

Banks use our software

In addition to Able’s clients, six banks and financial institutions also use EuroPort+, making us the leading wealth management software company in the Netherlands.

Wealth management experts

Able is mean and lean. After we have divested a portion of our business, we have a core team of 78 wealth management software geeks.

Scrum teams

Able is comprised of eight agile teams, with Team 8 representing management. We are constantly innovating to make our software faster, more flexible, and more intelligent.


The EuroPort+ suite is huge: 5 000 software components, seven products and 1 500 tables together unleashing enormous possibilities. For one of our retail clients, the implementation of EuroPort+ replaced 117 legacy systems within their IT landscape. That’s a lot of euros saved.

Transactions by EuroPort+

EuroPort+ is the leading wealth management software platform in the Netherlands. Approximately 6 out of 10 retail stock transactions are processed by EuroPort+ software; the other four by a mix of different providers and self-made solutions.

Web services

EuroPort+ offers second generation, stateless web services. This means a wide range of functionality is unlocked in the service of websites, apps, and application software to select third party web development companies.


EuroPort+ is the leading banking platform in the Netherlands for wealth management.

Fund Trading

Index and fund investment are booming in Europe. For our clients, efficient management and cost effectiveness are more important than ever.

Stock Trading

Worldwide investment in equities, derivatives and bonds is on the rise. EuroPort+ ensures seamless connectivity between stock exchanges, trading platforms and brokers.


Able approaches savings as an integral component of wealth management, an independent yet equal partner of stock and fund investment.


In response to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Able developed a broadly functional payment module to address the diversity of our client base.

Join the team

Able is looking for wealth management software specialists. Think you’re Able? Send us your CV with a cover letter.