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Virtual Affairs Becomes Able’s Partner in Front End Technology

Robin Peters, CEO of Virtual Affairs

Able is focused on excellent back- and mid-office wealth management software. With its flagship platform, EuroPort+, and its sophisticated second generation ‘Epos-layer,’ an amazing amount of functionality can be unlocked for both web-based and mobile devices. Able empowers third party vendors such as digital agencies to develop world-class user experiences in wealth management.

Virtual Affairs is renowned for its exemplary front-end design of banking applications. With its BankingRight platform the Amsterdam-based company offers an off-the-shelf solution for banks to serve their end-clients.

Now, Able and Virtual Affairs have teamed up to offer the financial industry a best-in-class wealth management solution, connecting Able’s EuroPort+ to Virtual Affairs’ BankingRight interface.

“What we like about EuroPort+” says Virtual Affairs CEO Robin Peters, “is that its unmatched range of functionality will help us to explore new areas in banking. With EuroPort+ we see immediate possibilities in developing a generic discretionary portfolio management (DPM) front end within BankingRight.”

Alex Timmermans, marketing director of Able, adds “In the past we offered EuroFront to our clients, because at that time there was no real front office solution available. Recently we decided to focus again on our core back office business and we’re glad to have found a partner that provides a flexible standard software solution for web portals.”