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Fintegrator’s architecture

Last Friday I had a cup of coffee with one of the leading Dutch banking software consultants. During our conversation he reflected on the most important criteria for selecting banking software solutions. He said: “Banking software should fit into the existing IT landscapes of banks, which are quite dynamic. If you look at EuroPort+ investments or savings functionality as an engine, this engine should fit into every car model by means of standardized connections.” With a sense of diplomacy, he added: “look, I know about the unmatched functionality, but here you might find something to improve.”

Somewhat shocked, I explained that our integrated connection software Fintegrator is renowned for its off the shelf connections with for instance stock exchanges, custodians and sepa-payment systems. And also, that we have Epos, with its advanced web services to unlock mountains of functionality to websites and apps. To be used by clients or third parties.

‘OK’, he replied, “sounds good indeed, but why does no one know?’

Well maybe the marketing department is to blame, so here is the communication fix:  EUROPORT+ IS EXCELLENT IN CONNECTIVITY, CONNECTIVITY  AND CONNECTIVITY !!