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Blockchain Conference: ‘Let’s Uberize the World’

Magic’s John Verwaaijen presenting a blockchain case at BECON conference

Yesterday I attended the conference Blockchain for Enterprises, Governments and Institutions.  There was a refreshing and exciting atmosphere among the 150 participants. Everyone seemed to share the vision that at this moment blockchain technology finds itself in exactly the same stage as ‘internet technology’ was in 1992. With at least the same potential to ‘Uberize’ the world. There were sessions about technology platforms, about security, privacy, and authentication and about the results of lots of pilots.

The conference was organized by the Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON). Becon is a global and cross-sector platform for collaboration, networking and advancing Blockchain industry solutions.

One of the driving forces behind the conference is Tymlez (tymlez.com), a technology company which offers a blockchain platform which enables business owners to add disruptive technologies in their existing environment.

Mr John Verwaaijen as representative of Able’s partner Magic presented a blockchain case. He showed that Magic as a company is actively promoting Magic-supported blockchain solutions. In this, Magic partners with Tymlez.

Last week Tymlez, Magic and Able already had a first brainstorm meeting to explore how this promising technology could be used in the wealth management domain. There seems to be a number of small and big possibilities. So to be continued…