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Able’s Kitchen Crew Became Agile Too

Marrielle, Ellen and Coby

Step by step, team after team, Able is becoming agile. After our management team declared itself agile, the spark hit on by the company’s restaurant crew. Coby, Ellen and Marielle wanted Big Changes. Like the ones that took place around them in Able’s core business. Together they decided that from now on lunches should be fresher, healthier and more attractive. “Able-employees work hard, so we should do the ultimate to keep them healthy”, Coby argues. They just needed two ‘scrum sprints’ of two weeks each to install some serious equipment, to change their assortment and to practice new recipes. They knew precisely what they were after. They did not need Herman den Blijker to fly in.

Wednesday October 28th was day of grand opening. With a speech of Coby about the restaurant’s philosophy, different cold pressed juices of for instance a Paksoy-banana-strawberry-grape mix were presented in champagne glasses. Weird combinations, but delicious and all fresh. They are not finished yet. More sprints to go. Some people even whisper about a Michelin star.